Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Backcountry shoes, a necessary expense?

In the ongoing quest to save the money you've got to spend outfitting yourself on backcountry gear, shoes come up a lot. You see a lot of big articles on the importance of wearing the proper gear, and if you step foot into any outfitting store, you'll see dozens (if not hundreds) of shoes, all of different types and for different occasions, most inordinately expensive. Some sales people make it sound like if you don't buy this $140 pair of hiking boots or trail runners, the instant you step off the concrete, a cascade of shin splints and sprained ankles will ensue- or, even worse, it'll wait until you're exactly at the halfway point of your trip, meaning you'll have to slog back on your hands and knees!

I could pontificate about that for hours; instead, here's a great discussion on that, from the ever reliable Wes Seiler. Long story short, though, as long as you're wearing reliable foot gear and paying attention, you don't have to spend big bucks. When you have to spend the money, you'll be experienced enough to know it, so to speak.