Thursday, March 5, 2015

Announcing the launch of the Backcountry Dad Kickstarter

In the next thirty days, we're hoping to raise enough money to fund our beginning operations on the Backcountry Dad project, all towards our goal of getting as many dads and their kids bonding and interacting in the great outdoors as we can.

With $4500, we think we can fund everything we need to put together our book. Available both on the Kindle Store on, and as a hardcover version in your local bookstore, it will cover everything a dad who wants to take his kids on a backcountry trip to one of America's beautiful National Parks needs to know and do to make the trip. Along the way, and as a part of the project, we want to test and review the equipment that people really need, and show definitively that you don't need to break the bank to have an awesome time in the wilderness with your kids, no matter where you go.

If we raise all the money we need to, we intend to visit the following parks this year:

- Shenandoah National Park
- Smokey Mountain National Park
- Glacier National Park
- Rocky Mountain National Park
- Big Bend National Park
- Dry Tortugas National Park

As a thanks to anyone who donates, we're going to give right back to you- whatever equipment we buy in the course of our reviews, we're gonna give right back to ya'll, based on donation level. This includes the high-end camping equipment we intend to test alongside "normal" equipment. Biggest donor gets first pick, and we'll go in descending order until everything's gone.

Join us in our goal to get dads and their kids together exploring nature; to show them it's not intimidating, and that anyone can do it.

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